Well-Minded offers the following services*

Women’s Mental Health evaluations and treatments

  • Menstrual cycle related mood concerns
  • Preconception counseling
  • Peripartum and postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Perimenopause/menopause-onset related mood changes

Adult Psychiatry

  • Medication management/pyschopharmacology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Screenings and Evaluations (including Adult ADHD, Depression, Anxiety)

Sports Psychiatry

*Well-Minded Services are tailored to the goals and needs of each patient. Services  include patient portal access to send and receive information related to your medical care and a texting feature to enhance communication for scheduling purposes.  Services range from medication management to personal development and include a multidisciplinary approach that collaborates with the patient and other providers.  Well-Minded, LLC, has limited office hours and is not affiliated with a hospital.  Therefore, this practice is limited to serving patients who are not frequently in crisis or for patients who are committed to and engage in regular therapy with a psychologist or licensed counselor. Patients are expected to be responsible for scheduling their appointments, managing their medications, and seeking safety.

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