Diet, Lifestyle, and Complimentary modalities

Resources designed to help you improve your quality of life:

Bright Light therapy: Bright Light therapy (BLT) can be helpful in stabilizing your diurnal self during the fall and winter, especially if you notice a seasonal shift in your mood. BLT is not without side effects, so talk to your doctor for more information and read more here:

Weighted Blankets: Weighted blankets can help with sensory overload, irritability, and anxiety. Weighted blanket information from WebMD:

Hydration: Are you feeling thirsty? Then you migth be dehydrated. It’s important to drink enough water and stay hydrated: Dehydration symptoms:

Healthy eating plan: Healthy eating can be learned. Tips from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute:

Enrolling in Clinical Trials: Sometimes benefit can be gained by enrolling in Clinical Trials. To learn more, search the national clinical trials database for studies near you:

Natural remedies for depression by Mayo Clinic

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