Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Recovery

Comprehensive care and treatment planning elements should include Harm reduction, Medication prescribing and support, Family support, Group support (like peer-support meetings, etc), sober peer-sponsorship, individual therapy, and sober living support or residential treatment, if needed.

General information:,; Treatment and recovery resources; Alcohol and addiction drug recovery, rehab information, and helplines:  (

Aftercare and treatment options –  information about intensive outpatient or sober living/residential treatment for additional support can include: and

Education for families

Medication Assisted treatment (MAT) – Can help the brain heal.  Data suggests that the healing process in the brain begins to show between one and three years of treatment. Information about types of treatment can be found here:

Harm reduction – Opioid Overdose prevention – Each family member should have and know how to use Narcan. Refer to the Overdose prevention toolkit: Each person with a history of opioid use should have a filled prescription of Narcan and know how to use it.  Opioids should never be used alone;  and when users are together,  they should not be using at the same time. Having a filled prescription of Narcan and knowing how to use it is like having a fire extinguisher on hand for fires or wearing a seat-belt while driving: it prevents accidental death.

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